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    The GFT Exchange

    NFT Coupons, Rebates and Collectibles Since 2018

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    Blockchain Wallet

    Global or White Label NFT Wallet

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    POS Integration

    Earn Rewards for Shopping and Dining

Participating U.S. Market


Million Daily Shoppers


Thousand Retail Partners


Local and National Retailers and Brands


Billion Est. Digital Coupons Delivered 2021

Blockchain First Creating and distributing ERC 721-compliant NFTs since 2017.

Coupons & Collectibles

Every token we create is ERC721 compliant to prevent duplication and fraud.

Load to Phone #

Our PWA blockchain wallet is accessible with just a phone number and password.

NFT Distribution

Our POS integrations allow users to earn NFT rewards via retail activities like shopping and dining.

Hybrid NFT Blockchain

Users can trade their coupons and collectibles on our zero-fee private net or on public Ethereum exchanges.

NFT Drops Blockchain Secured Tokens

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Yao Family Wines

portfolio image

George Lopez/Chingon

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Goosebumps 2

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Infinity Film Festival

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Deadpool 2

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American She Wolf

Lightweight PWA Wallet

Our PWA wallet requires no app download, and can be controlled with only a phone number and password.

Ethereum Blockchain

The global standard in smart contract deployment and execution.

Integrated POS

Our partnerships with global POS vendors streamline Coupon and Collectible distribution and redemption.

Secure Coupons and Rebates

Individual, fraud-proof coupons and rebates from global brands.

Legitimate NFTs

All of our assets are ERC-721 compliant Non-Fungible tokens that can be traded on our private chain or exited to the Ethereum Mainnet for listing on open exchanges.

The GFT Alliance

Assurance of legitimate IP sources.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Why choose The GFT Exchange

The NFT landscape is littered with rip-offs, knock-offs and “artists” of unknown provenance. The GFT Exchange, in conjunction with our GFT Alliance partners, only issues authentic collectibles and coupons sourced from the IP holders.

Authentic IP

Legitimate IP sources like Sony Pictures, Marvel, Fox, and others.

Global Brands

Kroger. T-Mobile. HEB. Pepsi. Heineken. Hennesey. AB/InBev.

Ethereum Infrastructure

Hybrid public/private Ethereum blockchain created and deployed by Kaleido, the premiere enterprise blockchain development company.

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