Company Profile

We come from diverse disciplines

Grocery, retail, film and visual effects, technology and marketing - with a shared passion for blockchain technologies and the ways they are changing how these disciplines intersect and interact.

We Build Blockchain-Secured Coupons & Collectibles

The GFT Exchange is where IP owners collaborate with global brands to create and distribute NFT-based Coupon & Collectibles. We’ve been creating and distributing blockchain-secured tokens for years. We issued our first ERC20 token (redeemable for movie tickets) in 2017. Our first NFT was issued on our private Ethereum network in 2018.

Design, Deploy, Distribute, Redeem

We can deliver everything a client needs to create and curate a coupon or collectible campaign in a bespoke wallet, then redeem it at point of sale without clipping a coupon or scanning a reciept

Dedicated Support

We succeed when you do. Reach out to find out how we can accelerate your next marketing campaign.

Participating U.S. Market


Million Daily Shoppers


Thousand Retail Partners


Local and National Retailers and Brands


Billion Est. Digital Coupons Delivered 2021